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How AI is changing product design

Live Webinar (free to attend)

31 August 2023 | 11am (BST)


Exploring the Impact of AI on Product Design

Gain insights into the impact of AI on product design and learn from leading experts in the fields of design, UX research, and product management.

AI is changing the way we design and build products. Designers, engineers, researchers and product managers are already using tools like Chat GPT and Midjourney to augment their daily workflow. And every major tech platform is scrambling to integrate or enhance their AI capabilities. 

In this webinar we will explore the unfolding impact of AI on product design, bringing together leading experts in the fields of design, UX research and product management to discuss, debate and educate us on the most pressing questions surrounding the rapid advance of AI in product design. 

Questions explored will include: 

  • How will product teams change as AI becomes more integrated into daily workflows, and will some roles be entirely replaced?

  • How does AI augment the capabilities of UX researchers? 

  • What role will human creativity play in product design and will it remain as relevant?

  • And what ethical and/or privacy frameworks should be developed in order to guide this powerful technology? 

Meet the Speakers

A psychologist by training, Sabrina Duda has 25 years of experience conducting user research for renowned companies.

After founding and managing her own company, Eye Square, in Berlin, Sabrina moved to the UK and has worked in various leadership roles in UX. Sabrina is currently a Principal UX Researcher at The Stepstone Group UK. 

Dan Gent has 25 years of experience in digital product design and development, of which 15 have been spent leading Lighthouse, a strategic product design agency. 

Dan is passionate about the ever-evolving challenges of both design and entrepreneurship. His career has involved designing and building hundreds of products. And at Lighthouse he leads an AI design consultancy service. 

Omari is a highly accomplished CTO and product leader, currently Chief Product Engineer at Yoti. 

Omari has over two decades experience leading technical and product teams. With much of this time spent working with artificial intelligence, data privacy/security and digital identity.

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